Does PS5 Support Ultrawide? Here's What You Need To Know

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If you're a big fan of ultrawide monitors and on the hunt for PS5, then you'll need to know whether the console supports it or not.

Let's face it, it's hard enough getting your hands on PS5, so the last thing you'll need is a monitor that's not compatible.


Interestingly, the PS5 has seen some changes since it was released, including an upgradable internal SSD update, and the ability to store PS5 games on some of the best external SSDs too, and there's also the potential for 8K output and support for VRR in future updates.

So is it really that black and white when it comes to ultrawide? Or is a case of 'when' over 'if' it'll support the format?

Here's everything you need to know before you dive in.

Does PS5 Support Ultrawide?

At this stage, no it doesn't, and in the battle between PS5 vs Xbox Series X, you'll find the latter comes up short in this department too.


In fact, between PS5 vs PC it also comes up a little short, as there are now some amazing AAA titles that support ultra-wide available, such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Death Stranding, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

But that isn't to say that you can't use your PS5 on your ultrawide monitor...

Can You Use A PS5 With An Ultrawide Monitor?

Yes, you can, just not 'officially' as it were. Since most ultra-wide monitors are QHD, what the PS5 can do is intelligently upscale the image to fit the screen in most cases.


It will likely be upscaling from 1080p, so you may find the image quality is not to your liking, but at the same time, depending on the game it may be just fine for you.

Will PS5 Get Ultrawide Support?

The big question on many people's minds recently is whether we'll see the PS5, or perhaps the rumoured PS5 Pro, get ultrawide support.

In our minds, we wouldn't rule it out, but it's more likely that we'll see 1440p support for PS5 make an appearance before ultrawide.


This could simply be down to the fact that more gamers are likely to have 1440p panels than ultrawides, meaning that offering 1440p support is likely to be more beneficial currently.

It may also make more sense for the PS5 to get 8K support before it gets ultrawide, given that the console is capable, and Sony hasn't unlocked the ability on the console as yet. This will most likely require the resolution to become more mainstream in games and media before it's added.

So if you're looking for the best monitor for PS5, we'd suggest leaning away from either 1440p or ultrawide displays at this time, and perhaps even going the whole hog with an HDMI 2.1 monitor instead.

If you are, however, dead-set on an ultrawide display, you can find some of our top picks right here!


Be sure to check back in with us for everything PS5 soon.

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