The Acer Predator X32 FP Monitor Could Become Top Of The Food Chain

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Thanks to CES 2022, we've now got more details on what could be one of the best HDMI 2.1 monitors heading our way, the Acer Predator X32 FP.

What started as an early sneak peek on the Acer Taiwan Instagram, has now turned into a clearer picture of what we can expect to see, and when.

Here's everything we know so far for another potential contender for the best gaming monitor.

Acer Predator X32 FP Release Date

So it looks like the Acer Predator X32 FP will be heading our way in Q2, which isn't 'too' far off, considering that many other monitors announced are tipped for Q3 this year.

When exactly is still yet to be seen, however, we'll keep our ear to the ground update you when we know more.

The Acer Predator X32, on the other hand, will be shipping in Q3.

Acer Predator X32 FP Specs

Acer Predator X32 FP
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Credit: Acer
A BIT OF A BEAST: This monitor looks built for performance

The Acer Predator X32 FP packs an impressive resume as expected.

First off, you're getting a pretty large display, coming in at 32" paired with 4K resolution and an impressive 165hz refresh rate.

That would lead us to believe that this may be an HDMI 2.1 monitor, however, it's worth noting that the certification does not always indicate what you'd expect from HDMI 2.1 displays (more on that right here).

Typically we see 4K 144hz combinations with new monitors nowadays, so it's interesting to see this go one step beyond. Just make sure you have that super-collider PC ready and waiting!

Response times are also low, coming in at 0.5ms. Impressive considering the sheer size of the display and the fact it's 4K. Typically response times at this scale can be slower because, frankly, there are a lot more pixels to cover.

Acer Predator X32 FP Display

As expected this is an IPS display boasting 178-degree viewing angles. This could work well if you're doubling up this large display to watch movies or have an audience for any gaming sessions.

It also features a 576 zone Mini LED backlight for features like local dimming, that'll work to enhance its HDR qualities.

On the topic of HDR, you're also getting a high contrast ratio of 1200:1 and it's been certified as VESA DisplayHDR 1000, which if you've read our guide to HDR you'll know means +1000nit brightness.

Since colour and HDR are so closely linked, this certification also indicates that we'll be seeing something impressive when it comes to colour accuracy and range.

In fact, this monitor has 99% Adobe RGB coverage and 1.07b colour depth.

Acer Predator X32 FP Price

The Acer Predator X32 FP will start at $2,499, which is certainly expensive. That being said the whole line typically is, and for good reason.

Acer also announced upcoming OLED monitors, including 42" and 48" QD-OLED, HDMI 2.1 displays.

We're predicting they will tip the scales at over $2000 too, so watch this space!

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