Teamfight Tactics Lunar Gala and Fortune's Favor - new game mode, cosmetics and more

Banner for the TFT Lunar Gala

Banner for the TFT Lunar Gala

Riot Games loves to put on new seasonal and holiday events and limited time game modes for their games. This year, Teamfight Tactics joins the roster of games with the TFT Lunar Gala event and Fortune's Favor game mode.

We have the details around the event and new limited time game mode, as well as brand new cosmetics that will be added to the game when the update drops. We'll also have the dates you'll need to know around the event.

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When is TFT Lunar Gala and Fortune's Favor?

The date for the Lunar Gala and Fortune's Favor event is in line with patch 13.1 on January 12, 2023. Once the patch goes live, the events will roll out to the client at 11:00 AM PST. The events will be around for two patch cycles, finishing up with patch 13.3 on February 9, 2023.

TFT Lunar Gala details

The Lunar Gala event is more typical of League of Legends style event. There will be an interactive hub in the client to interact with the characters of the event. There will also be an event pass that you can earn EXP towards by completing missions.

TFT Fortune's Favor

Fortune's Favor is going to be a first time, limited time game mode for Teamfight Tactics. This game mode is all about fortune. Here's some details around the event.

  • First carousel will be 4-cost or 5-cost units
  • Each stage from stage one to five, the Golden Bun Bun will drop loot orbs
    • Loot orbs can contain Ornn (Forge) items, Tactician's Crown, Item Removers, Gold, Training Dummies, Tome of Traits, Champions, and more!
  • When a player falls below 50 Tactician HP for the first time, the Golden Bun Bun will show up with a Golden Orb with some massive loot!

This game mode is about having some fun and making the most wild comps the game has ever seen.

picture of the lunar board in tft
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TFT Lunar Gala cosmetics

Also coming to the game are a host of cosmetics to obtain. Above, you'll see the brand new Lunar Gala themed board, House of the Golden Rabbit. Additionally, we're going to be getting a bunch of new little legends, including a new chibi little legend.

The three base little legends that are getting new outfits are Melisma, Gloop and Bun Bun. The new chibi little legend is Annie, and she also has a Lunar New Year chibi Annie as well.

And that's all that we have for you around the new Teamfight Tactics Lunar Gala and Fortune's Favor event! Be sure to check back as we'll have patch notes for you once they are live!

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