Stranded Deep: How To Make Fuel

The players in Stranded Deep, like what the title says, are stranded on a remote island in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. This game highlights the survival aspect, in which players must stay alive at all costs.

In order to do so, one thing players may opt to build is a Fuel Still. Once players create this, they can generate fuel in a more regular manner which they can use for a variety of purposes.

With all things considered, here’s what players need to know on how to make fuel in Stranded Deep.

How to Make Fuel in Stranded Deep

Players can make fuel from growing potatoes in Stranded Deep. The potatoes will serve as the main source of fuel to power up a Fuel Still. To do this, they should grow potatoes in Farm Plots. A potato will grow in about 48 hours, as well as it can produce a quarter of fuel.

Players must also search for a Jerrycan which is used to hold the fuel that would be generated from the potatoes. They would need to consume 12 units of water per day to grow 4 potatoes in total.

It is recommended that players should build multiple Water Stills because this is where players can get healthy water. Utilizing several Palm Fronds and Fibrous Leaves would be vital to generate healthy water at all times.

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