Stranded Deep: How To Get Lashing

Lashing in Stranded Deep is very vital that it is almost used in crafting every recipe available. But this material also needs to be crafted.

The good thing is the materials required to craft lashings could be commonly found within the game area. All it takes is for players to find those thoroughly, especially the tools needed for it to happen.

So, browse through this article as we listed how to get lashing in Stranded Deep.

How to Get Lashing in Stranded Deep

Before proceeding with getting all the possible lashings in Stranded Deep, players must first craft a cutting tool. All they have to do is to craft either a stone knife or a stone tool. Players may pick up stones in order to craft the tool he or she desires. Having any one of those will already be good to be used in crafting lashings.

Once a stone tool or knife is ready for use, players may then find Yucca trees or small Palm saplings in an area on the island. Cutting those is a must to craft the lashings. Players may chop a small Palm sapling once to harvest it, but it would take around 10 chops using a stone tool or knife to notch those Fibrous leaves from the Yucca trees.

If players would already have at least four Fibrous leaves, he or she could then open the crafting menu. The crafting process to produce a lashing could be kicked off. If players would wish more of the material, all they need is to do the same process over again.

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