Stranded Deep: How To Cook Fish

Players may experience surviving on an island thanks to Stranded Deep. This survival simulation game lets players get a glimpse of life when they are unexpectedly stranded on an island in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

In the game, players need to eat food to stretch their survivability to the fullest. One of the most common foods that can be eaten is fish. But of course, it should be cooked first before players may consume it eventually.

But do not worry, we've got you covered. This guide will tell players how to cook fish in Stranded Deep.

How to Cook Fish in Stranded Deep

Of course, players must first catch fish in Stranded Deep. They may use a spear that they can craft as a fishing tool. They can also create a fishing raft to baitfish in the ocean.

Once they would be able to catch even one fish, players may cook it by getting it from their inventory. Players could use a knife to remove all the unnecessary parts of the fish, and procced by building a fire pit to cook the fish.

Another option would be building a smoker. Players may use it instead of the manual way of cooking fish. One significant advantage of using a smoker would be the capability to cook multiple fish in one sitting. So it wouldn’t be much of a hassle if players want to eat a lot of these.

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