How to make and use a plank station in Stranded Deep

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In Stranded Deep, wooden logs serve multiple purposes. It is possible to use the logs sliced from trees for building and crafting items. In addition to that, the player can break down wood into sticks, crafted tools, and so on. The planks players typically encounter in Stranded Deep can be crafted at a planking station.

If the player intends to build structures or craft valuable items such as farm plots or rafts, the planking station is well worth the effort. Plank stations can be created using the recipe in the crafting menu, making use of a refined ax, hammer, four sticks, a log, and a lashing. While gathering materials, players should avoid breaking down chopped wood into sticks when attempting to get a log.

How do you make planks with the plank station in Stranded Deep?

Making planks is very simple after creating the plank station, and the player can use it to turn logs into planks for further crafting. Making a plank can be done by bringing a log over to the plank station and opening the crafting menu. This will open the Tools Menu, and players should find planks on the last row towards the bottom.

Creating planks requires one log for each plank and that the player is near a planking station. Once the planks have been created, players can use them to create rafts, farms, and buildings, so they are always needed.

A plank station is one of the many tools required to survive in the world of Stranded Deep. The planks are needed in various ways, and they will be necessary to escape the island. Once this station is finished, the game becomes a lot easier because planks are very easy to make.

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