How to make a coconut flask in Stranded Deep

The Coconut Flask is the simplest way to carry water in Stranded Deep. Its only benefit is that it is easy to make and can be refilled. This does not mean that the Coconut Flask is the best water carrier, but in the world of Stranded Deep, a Coconut Flask is a necessity.

The Coconut Flask holds a single drink of water, so players should carry multiples or have spares around. The coconuts on the first island are limited, so players should craft this water carrier first.

How do you craft a coconut flask in Stranded Deep?

A Coconut Flask can only be crafted with one flask and one coconut. Players should remember to drink coconut water before preparing the flask because the flask will automatically be crafted with water. The coconut flask never goes bad, so the player can store water there indefinitely.

Whenever the water in the Coconut Flask runs out, players can refill it at any source of freshwater or a Water Still. A coconut flask is also helpful for watering crops to create food supplies. Coconut flasks are easily made, so they will always be useful.

The Coconut Flask is not the only way to carry water in Stranded Deep

The player will later have access to creating Leather Waterskin and Water Bottles (previously Clay Water Bottles). These two tiers can hold three and five drinks, respectively. In this case, it is advisable to start crafting better water carriers as soon as the player can.

When traveling on rafts from island to island, players cannot drink the seawater. So keeping water carriers in the raft is smart. Having water carriers in the base just in case the player runs out while exploring is even smarter.

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