What Time Does Steam Summer Sale 2021 Start Today?

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With the Steam Summer Sale 2021 fast approaching, we have gathered all the information and leaks we know about the sale as of right now.

While you can jump into a huge number of playable demos as part of Next Fest, if your wallet feels a little heavy, you'll be able to lighten that load with some of gaming's best deals.


Here's everything we know about the annual Summer Sale.

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When Does The Steam Summer Sale Start?

Valve hasn't officially announced or revealed the start date for the Steam Summer Sale 2021 yet.

However, SteamDB is reporting that it will start on June 24, 2021, and end on July 8, 2021.


This hasn't been officially announced yet, but SteamDB is pretty reliable when it comes to dates like this and this period does tend to be when the sale happens every year.

What Time Does Steam Summer Sale Begin?

As per Steam Database, the Summer Sale has a tentative (but as yet unofficial) start time of 10am PST.

That's 18:00 BST for those of you wondering what time it starts in the UK.


Discounts And Deals

As usual, we don't have any real ideas about what will be discounted in the Steam Summer Sale this year, but there will most likely be a wide variety of games on offer from big AAA releases to indie titles from small developers and well-known publishers.

It's also likely that we'll see some discounted DLC and expansions, too.