How to Hide Games in Steam

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Gaming tastes can vary nowadays, as a game that is considered “bad” by most people can be appreciated in an ironic or unironic manner by others, which isn’t a lie as there are gamers who got all the achievements in Balan Wonderworld.

Even though we can stand by “bad games” we like as guilty pleasures or something we genuinely like, it can be embarrassing to have other people see a game you’re playing that you aren’t particularly proud of, which is why we’re happy that Steam lets us hide games from the public.

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How to Hide Games in Steam

If you’re not proud of a certain game on your Steam library - and Steam has A LOT of games no one should be proud of - then you will be happy to know that hiding games aren’t hard at all.

Just go to your Steam library, right-click the game that you don’t want other people to know you’re playing, then simply click ‘Hide.”

Your game won’t be deleted at all, just hidden from the public Steam library and it will be fairly easy to access so feel free to get all those Sonic Forces achievements, we won’t judge.

This is a pretty great option from Steam and we wish Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo would let us hide games from the public as well.

Granted, you can just make your profile offline on those game systems so no one knows what you’re playing, but we gamers are only ashamed of some games.

We totally don’t mind people knowing that Dragon Quest XI is on our playlist but when we want to play something dumb like Senran Kagura, please give us the option to hide that knowledge.