Stardew Valley: How To Feed Chickens

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Stardew Valley. The player is interacting with their chickens outside their coop. The player is in the middle and interacting with a white chicken on their left. The white chicken has a love heart above its head. There are two brown chickens laying down on the ground near the bottom of the image.
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When you start to develop your farm in Stardew Valley you will have the option to raise some animals. One of the first types of animals that you can get are Chickens. They are great company to have on your farm and they can bring in a nice profit when they start to lay eggs. However, you need to take good care of your Chickens. This is why we're going to show you how to feed Chickens.

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How To Feed Chickens

There are a few ways to feed Chickens but which way you choose will depend on which season you are in and what the weather is like.

Let Them Eat Grass

You can feed chickens on a sunny day from Spring through to the end of Fall by letting them go outside the coop to eat grass that is growing on your farm. Chickens are quite happy to roam freely around your farm. To let them do this, you will need to open the coop door and the fence on the surrounding gate (if you have one).

Stardew Valley. The player is stood beside their basic coop and behind their wooden fence. The wooden fence encloses the outside of the coop and has a small section of grass to the left of the coop for the chickens.
If you are worried about your chickens, you can make them a private area outside their coop.

Feed Them Hay

When you get to rainy days or Winter, you cannot feed them grass or let them outside. Instead, you will need to feed them hay. You can do this by buying Hay from Marnie. All you need to do is walk up to the till in Marnie's house and interact with it. Select the "purchase supplies" option. You should then be able to buy Hay for 50G. This is a good way of obtaining Hay without needing a silo. If you do have a Silo then you can store grass that you have cut on your farm and it will turn into Hay.

When you have Hay, you need to place it down in the trough inside the coop. The Chickens will help themselves to it but make sure you check it and restock it when it's empty.

How To Buy Chickens

Before you can feed a Chicken you will need to own one. To do this, you will first need to know how to build a coop. Once you have a coop you can go and speak to Marnie (if she is behind the till in her house). When you speak to her, select the "Purchase Animals" option and you should be able to click on Chickens.


Once you click on a Chicken, you can then choose which coop you want to house it in. After you have decided where it will live, you will be able to name it and Marnie will deliver the Chicken straight to your coop.

Chickens are a great way of earning income in Stardew Valley and as long as you take care of them, they will lay plenty of eggs for you. Growing your farm is hard work so we have put together a few guides that can help. We have one that shows you how to upgrade your tools and another that shows you how to restore your energy.