WCS Premier League Season 3 Challenger Selection

Challengers being called out over Twitter in real-time made this selection process extra fun to watch


A new format saw social media as the venue for the season three Challenger selection. Out in the open for all to read instantly, the European and American players who made it through to last season's round of 32 chose the players they most fancied their chances against over Twitter using the hashtag #WCSChallenge.

The returning players got to pick from the newly qualified hopefuls within their region in order of their placement in the last Premier League tournament. With champion Hydra seeded straight into the round of 32, it was runner up Lilbow that kicked things off last night by picking Swedish Zerg, SortOf. 

Fans got to join in the speculation, conversation, and trash talk as the remaining picks were made. Check below to see who'll face who in a best of five in just a couple of weeks!

European Challenger 
American Challenger
Lilbow vs. SortOf
Polt vs. JonSnow
Bunny vs. Starbuck
Jaedong vs. Semper
TLO vs. Bly
Stardust vs. Neeb
MarineLord vs. DmC
viOLet vs. qxc 
FireCake vs. Zanster
MaSa vs. Bails
GunGFuBanDa vs. DnS
Xenocider vs. Hitman
ForGG vs. Dayshi
Kane vs. Huk
Harstem vs. Nerchio
Ret vs. HeRoMaRinE
Elfi vs. uThermal
Elazer vs. Welmu
Snute vs. Serral
MaNa vs. Happy
ShoWTimE vs. NaNiwa


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