WCS 2015 – Season 2 Premier League Ro32 Group Drawing

Monday night’s drawing may have gone ‘all to pot’, and left some viewers a little confused, but there’s one thing any fan can be sure of: Season 2 of WCS Premier 2015 is going to be some rather interesting StarCraft.  A fantastic mix of 32 familiar veterans and fresh-faced newcomers will play later this month in Burbank, California and Cologne, Germany, with 16 progressing to the next round, ever closer to the Premier League championship.

After becoming the first three time WCS winner last season, Polt seemed pretty confident that he could also become the first four time winner.  But it most certainly won’t be easy, with last season’s Premier League and Gfinity’s Spring Masters runner-up Hydra surely going to be trying his extreme best to break his second place streak and topple the mighty Captain America.

Despite five members of Team Liquid making it through there’s not a single Team Kill opportunity in sight so far. Has the curse finally been broken, or passed on to mYinsanity? We’ll see if teammates Kane and Petraeus have to face off when Group A kicks things off in just over a week!

We’ll be keeping a close eye on all the games, and bringing you the results from the nice Protoss, nice Terran, and 14 Zerg competitors. We’re super excited about all of the groups and definitely with the rest of the internet in keeping our fingers crossed for a ridiculously entertaining Has vs elfi cheesefest in Group H. No pressure or anything, guys. 

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