WCS 2015 - Season 1 Premier Ro32 Groups Confirmed (RE-DRAW)

They have arrived!... Again. Following a rather unfortunate mistake, the WCS 2015 – Season 1 Premier League Groups had to be re-drawn, and are now officially confirmed.

The original draw accidentally saw three European players drawn into the same Group, which is not permitted by WCS rules, as well as NaNiwa being drawn from the wrong pool of players entirely.

However, the re-draw has happened and appropriate steps were taken to ensure this would not be the case on the new draw - and it wasn't, so it must have worked. The returning NaNiwa has now been snuggly placed into Group G, which is sure to bring plenty of juicy PvZ goodness.

So, without further ado or re-draws, here is how the WCS 2015 - Season 1 Ro32 Premier League groupings now stand:


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