WCS 2015 - Premier League Season 2 Ro32 Group F Results

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Two Terran players. Two Zerg players. Two places in the round of 16 to fight for. We're in for some explosive StarCraft 2!

Juan Carlos 'MajOr' Tena LopezTeam: Currently TeamlessRegion: Latin AmericaRace: TerranMajOr is thought to be one of the best Terrans in StarCraft 2, but it wasn't enough to beat Bunny and viOLet last Season in the Ro32. His TvT and TvZ games are strong, and he'll need all his skills to survive this group.


Mikolaj 'Elazer' OgonowskiTeam: Team Extreme SupremacyRegion: EuropeRace: ZergElazer's first WCS appearance sees him drawn against some of the  most experienced players in WCS. He beat Season 1's Ro4 competitor ShoWTimE to get here, so he isn't somebody to be taken lightly.

Dario 'TLO' WünschTeam: Team LiquidRegion: EuropeRace: ZergPlaying in his home country, Germany, TLO is surrounded by dedicated fans and family members in the audience for Group F. He'll need all of their support as he faces Polt first - someone he's never managed to beat in a tournament.

Choi 'Polt' Seong HunTeam: CM StormRegion: N/A - Last Season's ChampionRace: TerranThe Season 1 Champion is aiming for not only his fourth, but fifth WCS title by the end of 2015 (his words). Beyond that he has some plans he's not telling us yet. It really is going to take something extra special to stop this guy.

The Twitch VoDs and results are below. Highlight with your mouse if you want to see spoilers. Check back soon for more Premier League goodness!

First Series MajOr vs. Elazer 1-2
Second SeriesPolt vs. TLO1-2
Lower BracketMajOr vs. Polt 0-2
Upper BracketElazer vs. TLO 0-2
Deciding SeriesPolt vs. Elazer 2-0

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