WCS 2015 - Premier League Season 2 Ro32 Group E Results

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The two Zerg players are the favourites to go through for this Group, but this is StarCraft 2, where anything can happen, and neither Lilbow or Kelazhur should be counted out.

David 'Lilbow' MoschettoTeam: MIlleniumRegion: EuropeRace: ProtossLilbow is back in just his second appearance within WCS. He beat uThermal in Challenger, and has put in a huge amount of ladder games, but will it be enough to compete against such experienced players?


Diego 'Kelazhur' SchwimmerTeam: ROOT GamingRegion: Latin AmericaRace: TerranKelazhur made an impression last Season when he won against TLO in their first series, and even managed to give Polt a run for his money. He was eventually taken out by veteran TLO in their rematch.

Jens 'Snute' AasgaardTeam: Team LiquidRegion: EuropeRace: ZergConsistently vying for the title of 'best non-Korean player', along with team mate Bunny, makes Snute an extremely intimidating opponent for anyone to go up against. It was Bunny who ended Snute's WCS hopes last season in the Quarter Finals.

Shin 'Hydra' Dong WonTeam: ROOT GamingRegion: AmericaRace: ZergGfinity Runner-Up Hydra has been absolutely destroying players in his path, but also regularly placing second in major tournaments. Is it his turn to grab the top spot? Will he face his team mate Kelazhur in this group?

The Twitch VoDs and results are below. Highlight with your mouse if you want to see spoilers. Check back soon for more Premier League goodness!

First Series Lilbow vs Kelazhur 2-0
Second SeriesSnute vs Hydra1-2
Lower BracketKelazhur vs Snute2-0
Upper BracketHydra vs Lilbow1-2
Deciding SeriesKelazhur vs Hydra0-2

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