WCS 2015 - Premier League Season 2 Ro32 Group B Results

Four strong StarCraft II players make up Group B for some intense competition. You won't want to miss these matches:


Name:Son 'StarDust' Seok HeeTeam: Currently TeamlessRegion: AmericaRace: Protoss

StarDust has years of experience and the titles to show for it. He's been relatively absent from tournaments over the past few months but hopefully he's practised enough to make it through this round.

Name:Huang 'TooDming' HuimingTeam: Zenith of OriginRegion: ChinaRace: Zerg

TooDming didn't manage to get very far last season as he lost out to Jim in China's Challenger. Beating Xigua 3-2 this time round secured his place in probably one of the toughest groups.

Name:Yang 'Sen' Chia ChengTeam: Hong Kong AttitudeRegion: Taiwan, Hong Kong and MacauRace: Zerg

Sen's WCS journey ended at the Ro32 stage last season when he placed last in his group. Now he's back for another shot at progressing, but having been drawn with ForGG again will make that all the more difficult.

Name:Park 'ForGG' Ji SooTeam: MilleniumRegion: EuropeRace: Terran

ForGG is a terrifyingly good Terran player and made it to the quarterfinals last season. No doubt the favourite to go through for this group, but it won't be easy. He's not unbeatable, well, if you're Polt.

The Twitch VoDs and results are below. Highlight with your mouse if you want to see spoilers. Check back soon for more Premier League goodness!

First Series
StarDust vs. TooDming
Second Series
ForGG vs. Sen
Lower Bracket
StarDust vs. Sen
Upper Bracket
TooDming vs. ForGG
Deciding Series
StarDust vs. TooDming

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