WCS 2015 - Premier League Season 2 Ro32 Group A Results

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The Round of 32 kicks off with Group A: An agressive Protoss, a strong contender for best foreigner, and a potential team kill:


Name:Cao 'Jim' JinhuiTeam: Invictus GamingRegion: ChinaRace: Protoss


Jim was knocked out of last season's Ro32 by mighty veterans Polt and TLO, but secured himself another shot at WCS glory by beating Cyan 3-1 in Season 2's challenger.

Name:Patrick 'Bunny' BrixTeam: Team LiquidRegion: EuropeRace: Terran

Gfinity regular, Bunny, made it to the round of four in last season’s Premier League before being bested 3-2 by eventual champion Polt. Can he improve on Season 1 and make it to the final?

Name:Mackenzie 'Petraeus' SmithTeam: mYinsanityRegion: EuropeRace: Zerg

Petraeus makes his WCS debut after beating MorroW 3-0 in the European Challenger. He's played more ladder than anyone else this season, but will it be enough to stand a chance on the big stage?

Name:Sam 'Kane' MorrissetteTeam: mYinsanityRegion: AmericaRace: Zerg

Kane had a very strong start last season, placing first in his groups in the Ro32 and Ro16, and was only stopped when he lost out to ShoWTimE in the semi-finals. 

The Twitch VoDs and results are below. Highlight with your mouse if you want to see spoilers. Check back soon for more Premier League goodness!

First Series Jim vs. Kane 2-0
Second SeriesBunny vs. Petraeus2-1
Lower BracketKane vs. Petraeus1-2
Upper BracketBunny vs. Jim2-0
Deciding SeriesPetraeus vs. Jim2-0

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