WCS 2015 - Premier League Season 2 Finals (Day 2) Results

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Eight players' WCS dreams have been crushed while eight go through to fight in the Quarter-Finals

The Season 2 finals are almost upon us, and the last standing players have to be feeling the pressure now. There's a lot on the line - prize money, WCS points, and potentially a ticket to Blizzcon later this year. First, though, we have to say goodbye to some entertaining competitors who just didn't manage to make it further than the Round of 16, this time. 


The Twitch VoDs and results so far are below. Highlight with your mouse if you want to see spoilers. Check back tomorrow for the results from the Finals!

Group A

 Lower Bracket   ForGG vs. Bunny 0-2 
 Deciding Series  Bunny vs. GunGFuBanDa2-1 



Group B

 Lower Bracket   FireCake vs. Harstem   2-0 
 Deciding Series   MarineLord vs. FireCake    2-0


Group C

 Lower Bracket   iAsonu vs. TLO      0-2
 Deciding Series   iaguz vs. TLO                   0-2


Group D

 Lower Bracket   Ret vs. Petraeus             1-2 
 Deciding Series  Jaedong vs. Petraeus2-1



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