WCS 2015 - Premier League Season 2 Finals (Day 1) Results

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The time has come for the four Protoss, five Terran, and 7 Zerg players to hit the big stage in Toronto

Season 2 has thrown some huge surprises our way so far. TLO beat last season's champion Polt for the first time in a tournament. Lilbow emerged as a definite foreigner to be feared. And how about that Group A drawing?! Ouch. It's incredible to think that one of Bunny, ForGG, and Hydra will be ending their season 2 Premier League run in the round of 16. 


Over half of the matches of this round have been played. Four players have made it through but no one is out of the competition just yet. Lower brackets and deciding games are still to come and we'll make sure to catch you up with all the news over the entire weekend.

The Twitch VoDs and results so far are below. Highlight with your mouse if you want to see spoilers. Check back tomorrow for the results from Day 2!

Group A

First Series Bunny vs Hydra 0-2
Second SeriesForGG vs. GunGFuBanDa1-2
Winner's SeriesHydra vs. GunGFuBanDa2-0



Group B

First Series FireCake vs. MarineLorD 1-2
Second SeriesPolt vs. Harstem2-0
Winner's SeriesMarineLord vs. Polt0-2


Group C

First Series Lilbow vs. iAsonu 2-0
Second SeriesTLO vs. iaguz                 2-0
Winner's Seriesiaguz vs Lilbow2-0


Group D

First Series Ret vs. StarDust               0-2
Second SeriesJaedong vs. Petraeus2-0
Winner's SeriesStarDust vs. Jaedong2-0



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