WCS 2015 - Premier League Ro32 Group D Results

Over seven hours of StarCraft; PiG and Kane, two newcomers to Premier League, test their skills against the veteran Happy, and TargA - thought to be one of the best Zerg players in Europe.

 First Match
 Happy vs. PiG
 Second Match
  Kane vs. TargA
 Loser's Match
  PiG vs. TargA
 Winner's Match
 Kane vs. Happy
 Deciding Match
 PiG vs. Happy


Playing almost flawlessly right from the opening minutes, Happy destroyed PiG in both games of the first series. The ZvZ chaos began with TargA quickly taking, then losing, the lead in his series with Kane - eventually also losing to PiG in the lower bracket.

Kane went into his games with Happy with little confidence, but held out to win 2-1 in the longest series of the group. Happy, rarely deviating from his Mech-to-Air playstyle, started to get picked apart by the Zerg players who'd been watching him throughout the evening - with PiG besting the Terran player in the final series. 

Kane and PiG, the two least experienced players of the group, made it through to the Round of 16, but can they make it to the Round of 8? We can only wait and see.

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