StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Multiplayer Update - Terran

As many StarCraft players will know by now, the Legacy of the Void expansion has been announced and the conclusion of the StarCraft II trilogy is almost upon us. Of course, with a new expansion, multiplayer changes are inevitable.

Blizzard have already outlined their initial proposals for each race. However, these are all subject to change at Blizzard's discretion. We will, of course, be sure to keep you apprised with as up-to-date information as possible. As these are all brand new changes for Legacy of the Void, let's break all three races down unit-by-unit.

Let's see what Jim Raynor and crew have in-store for us with the Terran race.

Kicking things off with the new units; Herc. This Terran infantry unit comes equipped with a Bionic Commando style grappling hook, able to latch on the far away enemies and pull itself up close and personal.

The downside though is Herc doesn't know how to look up, and thus can only attack ground units.

It's got a ton of health, light armour, and small splash damage on its side. It can one shot Banelings too. Though it struggles taking on larger ground units, it looks to be a terrific complementary unit to Terran foot soldiers.

Next up we have the Cyclone. Terran's latest piece of mech tech.

The Cyclone is a ranged unit who's job it is to focus on a single target, and keep dealing damage – even when on the move. Even air units can't escape the wrath of the Cyclone, as it can attack both ground and air.

The Cyclone has the movement speed of a Stalker (2.953), but has the obvious advantage of being able to shoot and move simultaneously – unlike a Stalker. The only ways to stop them is to trap them, flank them, or catch them off-guard.

Think the Siege Tank is deadly in Heart of the Swarm? Well you haven't seen anything yet.

In Legacy of the Void Terran now have the ability to lift and drop Siege Tanks while they remain in Siege Mode. Technically making it possible to never unsiege at any point in the game - using lightning fast micro.

This not only means Terran can do pre-sieged drops, but can also lift and re-drop sieged Tanks if they get surrounded on the battlefield. Vastly improving the manoeuvrability of one of Terran's clunkiest units.

The big guy isn't going to be left out of Legacy of the Void. The Thor is being given a huge buff. Tragically it's not a magic space hammer, but it may well be better.

Thors can now repair themselves. Yes, really, you read that correctly.

Without the use of SCVs, Thors can now self-repair at any time. The only drawback is while they're repairing they cannot move or attack. Though not explicitly stated, it's also presumably possible to use SCVs to repair a Thor and maintain the capability to move and attack.

Terran air units are getting some love too, starting with the Banshee.

Once you have a Fusion Core (and done the mandatory Fusion Core Dance) in Legacy of the Void, Terran can purchase a speed upgrade for the Banshee.

This movement boost means the Banshee has the capacity to outrun all mobile detection units – including upgraded Overlords/Overseers. The hope of the buff being Terrans will be less likely to lose all their Banshee harassing options once enemy detection has arrived.

Remember in the Wings of Liberty/Heart of the Swarm campaigns when the Battlecruiser warped in out of no where? That sure was awesome.

… Good news, everyone! Come Legacy of the Void, Battlecruisers will now be able to warp anywhere on the map – even locations without vision.

Blizzard was quick to stress this ability will cost a lot of the Battlecruiser's energy, but this is a lethal sounding buff. It will be interesting to see how the balancing works for this new ability, but as a concept it sounds like Battlecruisers may go full Star Trek.

There you have it, everything the human race has to offer. Those are all the proposed changes currently for the Terran race in Legacy of the Void's multiplayer. Again, these are all subject to change whenever Blizzard feels to urge, but at the time of posting these are all accurate. We'll be sure to keep you as up-to-date as possible with any future changes here on Gfinity.

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