StarCraft 2 September League, 1v1 Cup format changes and Free to play cup's!

Starting in September, we'll be changing the StarCraft 1v1 league and cup formats.


1v1 League

We'll be reducing the number of days the league will be played on to just one day, taking place on Wednesdays. The previous format took place on 3 days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) with all leagues feeding into one play off bracket for £4,800.

Now, all league games will be played on a Wednesday. The league will commence soon, at the beginning of September. We have re-opened league registrations for everyone, meaning those that had not previously signed up can do so now.


£250 1v1 Cups

The 1v1 £250 cups will also have a change of format. We’ll be breaking down the prize pools for the cups and adding more tournaments. Prize money will stay the same with more opportunities for players to win.

We previously had two £250 cups on Tuesdays and Sundays with £200 going to first place and £50 to second place. The new format will see Sunday’s prize structure stay the same, however Tuesday’s will be reduced to £125 (£100 for first place £25 to second place).

This will allow us to introduce another £125 1v1 cup on Fridays with £100 for first place and £25 for second place.

In future we will also try to adjust prize tournament days if they clash and if it is feasible to change them.


Free to sign up 1v1 Cups

Also beginning in September is the first round of our free to sign up 1v1 cups. Every 1v1 prize pool cup will have a Bronze, Silver and Gold league cup. These cups will take place every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday .

On Saturdays, there will be a bi-weekly (every 2 weeks), free to play 1v1 cup for all levels.

These are the first 1v1 free to play cups and we will be adding even more cups for all levels!

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