Multiplayer Updates

Legacy of the Void information has arrived! But are you poised and ready for victory?

Blizzard have now confirmed StarCraft II's third and final instalment will soon emerge from the shadows and into the hands of those who dare to play step fourth onto the ladder.

The question you must ask yourself: are you ready to sacrifice your life for Aiur? Or do whatever it takes to destroy it? There's only one way to be sure.

Legacy of the Void will bring big change to StarCraft II's multiplayer units. New never before seen units, new buffs, new nerfs... even a few tweaks players dared not dream of. Of course, knowledge is power, and so right here if your hub for all the currently proposed unit changes for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void's multiplayer.

Simply click the image of your desired race, be you a Protoss, Terran, or Zerg player. Maybe even click all three, and begin to strategise as you memorise your opponent's potential weaknesses:


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