DeMusliM Parts Ways with Evil Geniuses

As hard as it is to write...nearly four years after first being signed on January 5th 2011...Benjamin 'DeMusliM' Baker has parted ways with Evil Geniuses. 

DeMusliM announced his departure from Team EG in a heart-felt Facebook post on February 2nd, listing a few reasons for the split (none of which were to break my heart personally), but made clear it was an amicable decision for both him and EG:

After this past year, and moving back to Europe, it became evident that my relationship in playing for EG would not be able to last through the move. EG being an American based organisation, and being the sole European on the team, after a month's worth of negotiations, I believe both parties are quite content with parting ways.

Many fans had predicted this move a month or two back, following the removal of 'EG' from his official Twitter username, but presumably nothing had been finalised at the time.

This is not the end of his StarCraft career though, as it appears the tenacious Terran is still focussed on continuing independently; or possibly with a more European-focussed team:

I'll be open to talks with other parties in the near future. I anticipate the future, but more than anything look forward to it.

Having met DeMusliM personally, and seeing him compete at Gfinity's G3 event last August, I would like to wish him the best of luck in whatever he chooses to do next in StarCraft. It's terrific to see a scenario where a professional player and an eSports team can part on good terms - rather than entwined in a huge scandal and oozing with bitterness.

As his final parting words, DeMusliM added:

Those that have supported EG through me, I hope you continue to do so, and vice versa but cheekily I hope the guys that supported me because I was on EG still cheer me on even more so (smile emoticon). Thanks to the sponsors, Thanks to my friends, and most importantly, Thanks to you, the fans, I wouldn't be here if it were not for you.

Everyone at Gfinity wishes Benjamin Baker the best in all his future endeavours, and you can still catch a regular dose of DeMusliM StarCraft goodness over at his personal Twitch channel:

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