Announcing the StarCraft 2 Summer Masters I Talent Lineup!

StarCraft Talent has arrived!

We are now mere weeks away from the StarCraft 2 Summer Masters I, featuring 8 of the game’s most talented Micro-ers and Macro-ers! All ready to show their skills and push towards securing a slice of the $10,000 prize pool.

The battle to lift the Gfinity Masters trophy clicks-off on August 8th, running throughout the entire weekend at the Gfinity Arena at the Vue, Fulham Broadway. Weekend and Day tickets are available for purchase now!

Following our official Player announcement, we’re now hyped to reveal our full StarCraft 2 Summer Masters I Talent lineup!: 

Both veterans and new Talent faces are all mic'd and raring to go. Fulfilling an 5 month prophecy which we all prayed would come true; HuK is coming to Gfinity for the first time, InControl will be pulling double-duty by getting behind both the Casting and Analyst desks, and of course the Swiss Zerg PengWin will make his triumphant Gfinity Casting debut.

We have many beloved favourites returning to the Arena as well. JoRoSaR is hyped up and ready to cast, Banks 'The Banks' has his mic turned on and will be getting all the scoops as our fantastic Interviewer, Stephano will be on the Analyst Desk and always in our hearts, and - of course - Richard Lewis will angelically Hosting all the proceedings.

It is set to be one incredible, fast-paced, action-packed Masters event... With enough Passion to fill an Arena!

In summary, the full StarCraft 2 Summer Masters I talent lineup is as follows:

  • Host: Richard Lewis
  • Analyst: Ilyes "Stephano" Satouri
  • Analyst/Caster: Geoff “InControl” Robinson
  • Caster: John “JoRoSaR” Sargent
  • Caster: Chris “HuK” Loranger
  • Caster: Stefan “Pengwin” Mott
  • Interviewer: James Banks 

More information on the event itself, as well as each of the different ticket options are available here.

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