Ubisoft's Snowdrop engine is a great choice for their Star Wars game

Since Ubisoft announced its upcoming Star Wars open-world game with Lucasfilm Games, over four months have passed. However, there's already some information that might be more important than many expectations regarding the upcoming Ubisoft Massive Star Wars open world. It is confirmed that a Star Wars game will be running on the Snowdrop engine.

In a recent announcement, Ubisoft has confirmed that the Star Wars game will be constructed using the Snowdrop engine. This is the same engine used in creating The Crew 2 and The Division 2. As Ubisoft is very familiar with this engine, they may have what it takes to blow the EA Star Wars games out of the water.

The Snowdrop Engine is great for Ubisoft and Star Wars

The Snowdrop engine's graphics capabilities have already been proven. One of the best things about the Snowdrop engine is how well-designed the asset process is, allowing artists to do more with their skills. The Division 2 is filled with gorgeous visual effects and high-quality textures, making its worlds so alluring to explore.

Game engines are deemed to be of greater importance than design or art in a project. Understanding the technology is at least as important (if not more important) as knowing what the engine can do. Unlike studios that use Unreal or Unity, Ubisoft excels in this area.

Ubisoft Massive developed the Snowdrop engine, so any problems that arise from the unfamiliarity with the technology are avoided. Therefore, the development team will be able to spend time and energy on the creative components of the game rather than altering the fundamental technology for Star Wars games.

Ubisoft's Snowdrop engine is better than EA's Frostbite engine for Star Wars

Star Wars' Sci-Fi look will benefit from the Snowdrop engine's ability to render rich, detailed worlds. Examples of this are games like The Division, which offer a great balance between micro-details in the environments and a huge open world. In this way, Massive could build the vast and wartorn settings that inhabit the Star Wars universe.

It could be better for an open-world Star Wars game than DICE's Frostbite (First Person Shooter) engine, which is usually a hassle for developers to rework other genres (like Dragon Age: Inquisition). Additionally, the engine is known for having great destructibility and AI mechanics. We would like to see Ubisoft continue to develop AI like in Far Cry and other games with systemic open-worlds that let NPCs and factions defend their environments autonomously.

A Star Wars game developed in the Snowdrop engine is likely to be great because it has such a wide range of features and tools. The Snowdrop engine was created to be reworked and used in a variety of genres. We hope Ubisoft does well with its open-world Star Wars game.

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