This is what a Knights of the Old Republic Remake might look like

A YouTube channel called Unreal Cinema recreates Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) perfectly. Their videos reveal what fans of the game can expect from the rumored remake of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR). The Unreal Engine is used in many remakes, including the Mass Effect Trilogy and Final Fantasy 7 remake, so it is an excellent indicator of what the remake will look like.

Unreal Cinema does a great job of recreating the scenes and items in the original game. In many trailers, it is evident that each item and asset had to be remade to make the scenery visually appealing. Looking at the Unreal Engine's rendering of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, it's uncanny how closely Unreal Cinema's process is to a game development studio.

Unreal Cinema uses the Unreal Engine to make this remake lookalike

Unreal Cinema uses Unreal Engine's Virtual Production to create cinematic movies and mini-series. These include Star Wars Shorts, a Knights of the Old Republic mini-series, and their original shorts. This Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) project is their most significant and most popular project.

You can support the project through Patreon with five different levels, starting at $5. A look at their 196 patrons shows how much support they have. It looks like everything they are doing is well worth the support; you can become a patron here.

Why the Unreal Engine is the most likely engine to be used in a remake

While we don't know exactly which engine will be used, the Unreal Engine is a safe bet.
The Unreal Engine is a high-quality engine that emphasizes usability. For a remake to look good, which is what most remakes aim for first and foremost, it is a no-brainer. Just one look at Final Fantasy Remake demonstrates its power to improve graphics.

If the Unreal Engine is used in the remake, it will look much like the show above. If Aspyr, or whoever will be in charge, makes sure the remake look is a big part of it. If the new developer can make the entire game look this good, it's a big step towards a successful remake.

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