BioWare Announces Star Wars The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith

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Star Wars The Old Republic is tipping a bit closer to the dark side in its latest expansion, The Legacy of the Sith, set for release in the holiday 2021 season.

BioWare announced the new Star Wars Old Republic expansion as part of the MMORPG’s 10th anniversary celebrations and outlined a bit of what to expect from it.

Legacy of the Sith revolves around Darth Malgus and the planet of Manaan, but defending the world’s research facilities from the Sith onslaught does more than just preserve the galaxy’s balance.

It also gives your faction a brand-new base of operations, and that’s just the start.

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BioWare Announces Star Wars The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith

Legacy of the Sith introduces combat styles, advanced customization options that let you separate your class and gameplay style.

For example, you can be a trooper with a sniper rifle or a Jedi using dark side powers, or pretty much any combination you can think of.

There’s a new Operation, a new Galactic Season with plenty of new rewards, balances to streamline The Old Republic for new and returning players, and an improved character creation system.

BioWare said Legacy of the Sith is just the first part of The Old Republic’s anniversary celebrations and promised much more to come.

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[Source: BioWare]

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