Star Wars Republic Commando: Release Date, Developer, Price, Pre-Order, And Everything We Know

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As fans patiently wait for news on a new EA-developed Star Wars title set for release in 2021, it appears that a classic Star Wars title from the past is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

First released in 2005, LucasArts’ Star Wars: Republic Commando was met with widespread positivity from fans across the world. The tactical first-person shooter originally released on PC and original Xbox consoles and saw players take control of a Clone Trooper and a squad during the Clone Wars.

For Star Wars fans wanting to take a trip down memory lane with some classic titles, the last 12 months have been a lot of fun. In May 2020, a remastered version of Star Wars Episode I: Racer was released, much to the delight of fans of the themed racing title.

While some fans may have been left hanging while others whizzed around in their pod racers, it appears that Republic Commando will be the next classic to arrive.

Here’s everything we know about the game.

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Latest News

Republic Commando Announced for PS4 and Switch - 24th February

As revealed on the PlayStation blog, Aspyr Media is bringing the game to PS4 on April 6.

The Switch port will launch the same day.


Star Wars: Republic Commando Release Date

Whether you're playing on PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch, the game will land on April 6.

Star Wars: Republic Commando Developer

The game will be developed and published by Aspyr Media.

Aspyr is no stranger to porting over classic Star Wars titles to the current generation of consoles. Alongside releasing a remastered version of Episode I Racer, it has also ported Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast over to the Switch.

Star Wars: Republic Commando Switch Price

Based on Aspyr’s previous releases onto the eShop, players can expect a reasonable price to pay for Republic Commando when it becomes available.

Expect it to be priced at $19.99 on the US and Canadian store, and £17.99 across the UK, Europe, and Australia.

For PS4, we still don't have a confirmed price.

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