All Star Wars Outlaws planets confirmed so far

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Star Wars Outlaws PLanets

One of the biggest attractions of any new Star Wars video game is the planets that players get to travel to. With the latest game in Jedi: Survivor, players got to see several planets that had not been explored before in a game. Now, the newest title in Star Wars Outlaws promises to completely expand the number of planets players can visit. Here are all of the Star Wars Outlaws planets confirmed so far.

The main reason for this is that Outlaws will be the most expansive open-world game in the Star Wars franchise. This gameplay direction opens up the entire galaxy for the developers, allowing players to travel and step foot on planets they have only seen in films or on TV thus far.

While Star Wars Outlaws has not been released just yet, the trailers revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase have given us a solid idea of which planets we can expect to see in the new game.

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Star Wars Outlaws confirmed planets

Kay Vess and Nix in Star Wars Outlaws
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Credit: Image via Ubisoft
Kay Vess and Nix will travel to many planets in Outlaws.

As of right now, we can only go off of what we saw in the cinematic trailer and the gameplay walkthrough. You can see which planets have been confirmed by the developers or the trailers in the list below.

  1. Tashara - The central hub planet in Outlaws, which is full of outlaws, criminals, and Empire affiliates. It has arid landscapes and looks similar to Koboh from Jedi: Survivor. Jaunta's Hope is the main settlement on Tashara, and it looks like this planet, which is actually a moon, will be seen plenty throughout the game.
  2. Akiva - An imperial-stationed planet that we see briefly in the gameplay walkthrough for Outlaws. This planet fell under the Empire's control after the Clone Wars.
  3. Kojimi - A planet known for smuggling and spice-trading that we see in both the cinematic trailer and walkthrough. Kojimi was first seen in The Rise of Skywalker movie, but it should look roughly the same in Outlaws. It's where C-3PO has his memory wiped by Babu Frik. It's home to some sleazy citizens and is full of lights, tall buildings, and snowy landscapes.
  4. Cantonica - This is the one planet that can't be 100% confirmed, but it's all but certain that it will be seen in Outlaws. It's shown very briefly in the trailer and seems to be showing the city of Cantobite on the planet. If this planet is indeed in Outlaws, then players can expect a heavy presence of criminals and gambling rings.
  5. Tatooine - Finally, we have the home planet of Luke Skywalker, Jabba the Hutt, and so many more memorable characters in the Star Wars franchise. It's unclear how big of a role Tatooine will play in the story of Outlaws, but it would make sense for Jabba to be one of the major villains that protagonist Kay Vess runs into.

And that does it for all of the planets that we were able to see in the various trailers for Star Wars Outlaws thus far. As the game's eventual release date in 2024 draws closer, we should see more trailers and be able to identify even more planets and locations.

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