The best Black Friday offers on Gamivo

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Fancy trying out a game you’ve never played before? A sales period is the best time to do so, and Gamivo’s got you covered with its massive Black Friday sale. Video games spanning multiple genres are available at incredibly low prices - what a treat!

We love video games just as much as you do, so we’ve had a look at the discounts and selected our personal favourites.

There are some quality deals and prices available, so get them before they're gone!

A screenshot from Project Zomboid showing many zombies dead.
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Project Zomboid - 58% Off

Project Zomboid is a gorgeous zombie survival game that features a fantastic art style with a top-down view. Traverse through an apocalyptic world as you face the dangers of terrifying zombies around every corner. Explore the environment to collect important items such as ingredients for food, resources for weapons, and defensive measures.

You can use these resources to craft powerful weapons or barricades to help protect you and your enclave. Or, if you fancy a more hands-off approach to the zombie takeover, you can turn off the lights inside buildings and cover windows to hide from them.

Understandably, the zombie apocalypse takes a toll on your mental and physical health. While battling against zombies, you also have to manage your hunger level, depression level, and diseases. You can enjoy Project Zomboid solo or you can play with friends via local or online play.

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Minecraft Java Edition - 24% Off

Never played Minecraft? It’s a beloved classic that is perfect for players of all ages. Spend your time in Creative Mode as you build your very own kingdom or play the famous Survival Mode.

The latter challenges you to collect resources to build a base and work towards finding valuable items in the depths of the mines. It’s best to do all of your collecting during the daylight hours - once the sun sets, the world becomes much more dangerous. Run away from the iconic Creepers before they explode, and craft a sword or bow to defeat Skeletons.

In Minecraft Java Edition there are two additional game modes called Spectator Mode and Hardcore Mode. Spectator mode lets you float around the map to watch fellow players - it’s important to note that you can’t interact with anything. Hardcore Mode is similar to Survival Mode but with a huge difficulty spike and permadeath.

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