Ubisoft's New PvP Tom Clancy Crossover Title Leaks Ahead Of E3

It arguably wouldn't be E3 week without an Ubisoft leak, but this is one of the stranger ones we've seen yet – especially as it's like some way off.

A new title, codenamed 'BattleCat', has leaked, and it offers a multiplayer PvP title that acts as a crossover between Splinter Cell, The Division, and Ghost Recon universes.

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Ubisoft's New PvP Tom Clancy Crossover Title Leaks Ahead Of E3

Originally leaked through screenshots in the tweet below, the project's veracity has been confirmed by VGC, who also note that the game is targeting consoles and PC.

Interestingly, the title is said to be in early development and is unlikely to make an appearance at this week's E3 presentation.

The initial leak offers an insight into two game modes. Escort tasks players with delivering a package to a delivery zone, while another, Ringleader, sounds a lot like 'Kill Confirmed'.

With a whole generation of gamers likely only aware of Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher thanks to his appearances in Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six crossovers, what better way to tee up 'BattleCat' than with a Splinter Cell announcement, eh? We can dream.

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