Splinter Cell Remake In Development That Reportedly Gives Justice to Original

Ubisoft announced it's working on a Splinter Cell remake. The developers are planning to making this remake faithful to the original, but with modern tweaks and design elements as well.

Ubisoft outlined their plans in more detail on their official website. The developers want this title to redefine stealth games as the first game was in 2002, but it won't be open world. Instead, they promise thoughtfully designed stages where "every square inch is part of a choice, or directly offers a choice."

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Splinter Cell Remake In Development, Devs Aim to Give Justice to Original Title

The Splinter Cell remake is built on Ubisoft's Snowdrop engine, best known for Mario + Rabbids and Tom Clancy's The Division.

"With this remake, we are building a solid base for the future of Splinter Cell," said Splinter Cell Remake creative director Chris Auty. Presumably, that means Ubisoft has additional Splinter Cell games in mind, though whether they see the light of day is another matter.

There's currently no word on when the Splinter Cell remake might release or whether it will utilize NFTs, as Ubisoft's other Tom Clancy IP, Ghost Recon, will in the near future.

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