Splatoon 2 Inkfest Yellow Cup - The Freshest Plays (Game Highlights)

The Inkfest Yellow Cup took place from the 6th to the 14th of November. The Cup Finals were on the 20th of November where once again teams were placed in a final tournament to become the winning team for this Inkfest Cup.

With Chew-Its Mafia winning the 3rd Inkfest Cup, there were many inktastic highlights played from a variety of players during the finals.

These Splatoon 2 highlights were from the Yellow Cup Grand Finals.

You can watch the previous livestream VOD here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1212685589

Goo Tuber Skills!

An uncommon weapon to usually see in a competitive match of Splatoon 2. Geo used the Goo Tuber; a weapon similar to the Splat Charger but has shorter range and can ink more. Geo used their snipe skills to get a cheeky player coming from the side alley of the stage. They jumped above the player to get the splat quickly.

Sloshing Time

In another match, Spore used the Kensa Sloshing Machine and used all of the tools it offers. From getting one splat from Squids for Hire and right away using the Splashdown special to get turf control. In addition they used the Splashdown to terminate the Baller special coming from the other team too.

Splashdowns can break the Baller special if positioned and timed well.

The bridge is down!

Squids for Hire made a grand push with the Rainmaker on Sturgeon Shipyard. They carried the rainmaker all of the way to 45 points. At the moment the bridges were down which they could have made an even longer push.

Final Clams Push

To finish off the Grand Finals by a win. Chew-Its Mafia finished the round with Clam Blitz on Ink Blot Art Academy. They broke the goal once again and scored enough clams to end the match. Once again Chew-Its Mafia are a very strong team to go against in Splatoon 2.

You can watch the previous livestream VOD here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1212685589

The final Splatoon 2 Inkfest Cup which was the Purple Cup also happened recently.

Check out the VOD here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1225247467

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