Inkfest Green Cup - Freshest Plays (Game Highlights)

The Inkfest Green Cup was from the 16th to the 24th of October. The Cup Finals was on the 30th of October where many teams played it out to be the winning team.

With Chew-Its Mafia winning the Green Cup, there were many splatatsic games played from a variety of players during the Grand Finals. Here are some of the highlights.

These Splatoon 2 highlights were from the Green Cup Grand Finals. You can watch the full previous broadcast here:

The Purple Cup open Finals are on the 5th of December. Winning the Purple Cup Finals will give your team 1000 Nintendo Gold Points each.

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An inkredible Splat Zones win by Splattershore Riders!

The first clip was from round 2 of the upper bracket. Splattershore Riders was against The Awesome Team. In a close Splat Zones game on The Reef, Splattershore Riders had the upper hand and pushed the score of the zone to take the lead in the last minute of the match.

The Awesome Team almost had the win here from their use of the special weapons. In the end, Splattershore Riders just had more control of the whole stage which enabled them to get more splats from the other team.

A booyah bomb mistake? I don’t think so.

In another match, team Squidnappers had a booyah ready to be unleashed. Unfortunately for them they used it in the wrong place…

Luckily they still got one splat using this booyah bomb. They got rid of a critical splash down from team Affordable Alliteration. This splashdown could have splatted 3 of the players from Squidnappers. In addition this special could have stopped the zone's control. Luckily enough Han’s booyah bomb was still useful in the end.

An Awesome Rainmaker Push!

In the Lower Bracket Finals, The Awesome Team were against Splattershore Riders once again in a Rainmaker game on the stage called Sturgeon Shipyard. Within the first minute of the game, The Awesome Team made a massive push to 37 points!

Player Conro carried the Rainmaker while the other teammates were attacking Splattershore Riders. This push ended with a booyah bomb clash from both of the sides.

A thrilling final Tower Control Win.

Chew-Its Mafia are a very deadly team. They have already won two of the Inkfest Cups. In the Green Cup Grand Finals, player Wil got 3 splats right at the end of the game using the Kensa Splattershot Pro. While the other members pushed the tower to the goal.

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The Purple Cup open Finals are on the 5th of December. Winning the Purple Cup Finals will give your team 1000 Nintendo Gold Points each.

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For this week we will be interviewing Splattershore Riders who came 3rd place at this Green Cup. They splatted well against the other teams during the open ladders and the cup final. Cyber Brick who is the captain will be talking all about their team.

Originally formed back in January of 2019. Splattershore Riders was created by Cyber and his friend AKD. Over time they recruited other players like Ilex and Skai. Their latest member called Nothing also joined this year. All of the teammates have a perfect fit for team energy to splat in Splatoon.

“None of us had any prior competitive Splatoon experience and the results showed… However, we didn’t let that discourage us and continued to train and join tournaments even after that. Over time, we became better teammates and friends!”

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The player’s roles and weapons perfectly suited the team for each of the ranked modes and stages. Cyber and AKD tend to use slayer weapons like the Hero Shot Replica and the Tentatek Splattershot. Skai plays with both the N-ZAP ‘85 and ‘89 as the support role of the team while Ilex uses a variety of weapons since they are in the flex role. They are flexible to switch weapons depending on the mode. Last but not least, Nothing is their backliner using the Heavy Splatling Remix.

Splattershore’s favourite mode is Splat Zones. Mainly from all of the team members tend to perform their best in this mode. The team's strongest points fall into one of the main reasons why Splat Zone is their supreme mode.

“We’d say that one of our strongest points is having a solid defense and maintaining our lead after a good push. On the other hand, we do need to improve on breaking through the opposing teams’ defenses better. We still have a lot to learn but nevertheless we always keep our heads up and stay positive even when the tides are tough.”

This squad made it to 3rd place in the recent Green Cup Finals. They battled greatly against The Awesome team and Chew-Its Mafia. Will we see the return of  Splattershore Riders to take their revenge on these teams in the future cups?

Thanks to Cyber Brick for the team interview.

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