Inkfest Green Cup Refresh #2 & Squidnappers Team Profile

Green Cup Open Ladders happened over the past two weeks. Many teams played in the splatastic games over the weekend to get to the top 2 ranking positions. Getting to the top will put your team into the Cup Grand Finals!

The Awesome team, Squidnappers, Splattershore Riders, Me when I chew it and Affordable Alliteration will be going into the Green Cup Grand Finals on the 30th of October. The 1st place prize for the Green Cup finals is 1000 Nintendo Gold points each.

You can watch the Green Cup Grand Finals here this Saturday:

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Want To Play In The Next Inkfest Cup?

The next Cup is the Yellow Cup starting on the 6th and 7th of November with the open ladders.Any player can sign up with a team to play some splat games against other UK teams.

Go to the Inkfest Hub for more details:

Need a team to prove your splat skills?

Join the Inkfest Discord to find players and form teams:

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This week's team profile is with one of the winning teams from the Open Ladder, Squidnappers.

Squidnappers is a new team for Inkfest who is currently playing in the Green Cup. Most of the team members played in the previous cup under the team name, Get 4 girls and go squid sisters. The team was created from a bunch of friends who just wanted to play together in some competitive games of Splatoon.

The players all have a range of weapons they use from metroid9’s use of backline weapons like the Jet Squelcher and Heavy Splatling. In addition, Vagarous uses  backline weapons as well like the Dynamo Roller and the Jet Squelcher again. The use of unique .56 gal is used by Han while the Splash-o-Matic is used by Inkling Splash. Both players have more of an aggressive role in their team positions.

From their team having two players in the backline role. They have a strong defence for each of the games the team plays. This is their strongest aspect for their team. The team’s favourite mode is Splat Zone since this is where they tend to do their best when playing.

Squidnappers played stunningly well during the Open Ladders and are confirmed to be playing in the Grand Finals for the Inkfest Green Cup.

Will they get to the top against the other teams? Find out on 30th of October by watching the Grand Finals live:

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Join The Action

The next cup open ladder is on the 6th and 7th of November

Interested in playing? Register your team on the Inkfest Hub:

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