SnowRunner Phase 4: Release Date For Season 4 And More

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SnowRunner first became available for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles last April 2020. Since then, the off-road simulation game by Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive has become known to gamers all around the world building on the success of Euro Truck Simulator and Farming Simulator.

It even managed to sell 1 million copies in its first month of release, with the most recent stats suggesting the game has more than 2 millions players charting their own routes and over 30 million mods downloaded for the game!

Just like most of the online games nowadays, SnowRunner also has its own game seasons which refreshes on an almost regular basis; and now we're approaching the launch of SnowRunner season 4.

So, browse through this article to know more about all the latest information for SnowRunner Phase 4.

SnowRunner Phase 4 Latest News

May 18 - Snowrunner Season 4 should now be available on all platforms. Also all of the games DLCs will be available on all platforms (Game Pass, Steam, Epic, Playstation, Xbox, Switch). They're being released right now. If you don't see them in your store yet, it should arrive soon.

May 17 - Xbox has announced that SnowRunner is coming to Game Pass on May 18.

SnowRunner Phase 4 Start Time

Here's when the game releases on Steam and Nintendo Switch!

SnowRunner Phase 4 Release Date

The season 4 of SnowRunner will be released on May 18, which is also the release date of the game on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

SnowRunner Phase 4 Trailer

Focus Home Interactive posted an overview trailer for SnowRunner season 4 on their official YouTube channel last May 11th. It showed the new game contents players can look forward upon release, including the new game maps.

SnowRunner Phase 4 New Maps

SnowRunner’s fourth season is dubbed New Frontiers. It will mainly highlight the new region of Amur Oblast in Russia. You will be given a mission to restore an old rocket launch facility wherein you need to deliver three rocket parts.

The new region will be comprised of four new 4km maps (as highlighted in the video above). This includes Urska River, Cosmodrome, Northern Aegis Installation and Cernokamensk.

There's 12 square kilometers of rugged Russian wilderness to explore across four new maps
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There's 12 square kilometers of rugged Russian wilderness to explore across four new maps

SnowRunner Phase 4 New Trucks

There will also be new trucks that you can add to your collection of vehicles in SnowRunner. To assist you in your mission, players must utilise the mighty ZiKZ 605-R and the rugged Khan 317 Sentinel scout vehicle.

The Phase 4 update will also include a number of exclusive customization items for Season Pass and Premium Edition owners, as well as free items for all SnowRunner players. This includes new hood ornaments and new Trials to take on.

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