Sniper Elite 5 Preload - Unlock Times, How to Preload, and More

The launch of Sniper Elite 5 is right around the corner. The latest instalment in Rebellion's long-running shooter series sees players drop into WWII attempting to foil a Nazi-led operation.

With players wanting to know if Sniper Elite 5 is on Game Pass, many are beginning to look for information on the Sniper Elite 5 preload process. As the release date nears, more information on when players can download the game prior to launch is slowly emerging.

With that said, find everything there is to know about the Sniper Elite 5 preload in our guide containing information on preload times, download sizes, and more.

Sniper Elite 5 Preload Start Date

Although there's no mention of preload times from Rebellion, Reddit users are reporting that preloading for the Xbox version of the game started on May 17. The PC preload went live on May 19 but information on the PlayStation preload is minimal.

Once we hear more information on when the PlayStation preload begins, we will update the article.

Image showing a soldier firing a sniper rifle at enemies
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Credit: Rebellion

How to Preload Sniper Elite 5

The process of preloading Sniper Elite 5 is incredibly straightforward. Simply pre-order the game on your preferred platform and the download should begin automatically. If not, check your game library and start the download manually.

How Big Is Sniper Elite 5?

Thanks to the Sniper Elite 5 preload, we know information on the file size for the full game. Here's the Sniper Elite file size for each platform:

  • Xbox: 80 GB
  • PlayStation: TBD
  • PC: 85 GB

As expected, you will need plenty of hard drive space to install Sniper Elite 5 on your PC and consoles. Information on the PlayStation file size is tricky to find but as soon as we find out, we will share everything there is to know about the Sniper Elite 5 file size.

Sniper Elite 5 Unlock Time

For those that preload Sniper Elite 5, the game will unlock simultaneously across all platforms on May 26. Depending on your timezone, the unlock time may differ. Here's a list of unlock times for several regions:

  • UK: 12AM GMT (May 26)
  • Europe: 1AM CEST / 2AM EEST
  • Asia Pacific: 8AM JST / 5AM IST / 9AM ACT
  • North America: 7AM ET / 4AM PT / 6AM CT

That's all there is to know about the Sniper Elite 5 preload so far. For more, check out our hub packed with all the latest news on the latest instalment in the series.

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