Smite New God: Next God Confirmed For December 2020

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Design Director A.J. Walker has been known to share information on Smite through his Twitter account.

Over time he's almost given a roadmap for the future of the game.


He goes over plans for the next months into next year.

In said tweets, he stated that the dev team has experienced problems during working from home.

Unfortunately, this means we won't see a sixth god this year.

“We have seen a lot of success in these tough times, but it’s taken a toll on us too,” he wrote.


“At the start of the year we had aimed for an additional god launch beyond what was revealed at last HRX. That was too ambitious given all that’s happened in 2020.”

For now, let's focus on the next god to come to Smite, in December!

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Next God In Smite

It seems that the next god to join the roster will likely release in December.


Massivelyop posted an article which states "What the rest of the year will feature is a rework to Loki in October, a “crazy” new Battle Pass for November, and the release of the game’s fifth new god for Season 7".

This leads us to believe the new god will release in December.

The Loki rework is happening in October.

The Battle Pass is coming in November.


So maybe the god reveal will be in December, the next month to follow.

Fans have been taking to Reddit to talk about the new gods in Season 8, could we see these characters sooner than then?

Most are hoping to see Maui and Jade Emporer make an appearance!

Currently, we have literally no information on this new character but as more information gets released we'll keep you updated!