Skyrim Mod Gives You Wholesome Deer Follower

Skyrim's new deer follower.
Credit: Mulixman33 on Nexus Mods.

Skyrim's new deer follower.
Credit: Mulixman33 on Nexus Mods.

If you’ve ever felt like your Skyrim playthrough needs a little more Disney-style wholesomeness or abject horror in it, a new mod by Mulixman33 has you covered.

The mod is called "T'zereon - Deer Follower", and it adds a new follower to the game, who, as you’d expect, is a deer/human hybrid that will accompany you on your adventures.

T’zereon comes armed with a bow and adopts a ranger combat style, keeping a distance from enemies while raining down arrows.

Skyrim Mod Adds Deer Follower

The deer archer also comes with a few quirky traits, such as refusing to wear heavy armour (we’ve no eye-deer why, guess he prefers light armour) and employing a special power if you’re struggling.

As the mod’s description explains: “When the player falls under 40% health, he will attempt to use 'Nature's Cry' to give the player and allies a brief swing speed increase while staggering or fearing foes for a moment. Only occurs every 2 minutes.”

Located at the Bee and Barb Inn in Riften, T’zereon is Mulixman33’s first ever mod, so reports of any issues with the mod or things that can be tweaked are something they’d welcome.

Possible future plans for the mod could also see the deer receive modified or custom dialogue, a set of custom armour, headdresses and bows, or the implementation of potential bonuses when he is following you, such as picking ingredients or making a useful potion.

Currently, the only issue with this mod is some clipping problems with helmets (probably due to those majestic antlers), but if that doesn’t bother you, fire up your mod manager or install the mod manually.

So give it a try or, if you’re looking for info on The Elder Scrolls 6, here’s what we know so far. Also make sure to follow us for more Skyrim news and updates.

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