Skyrim Modders Transform Game’s Audio Into Smorgasbord of Memes

An image of Heimskr in Skyrim.
Credit: InsanePixels on Nexus Mods.

Sick of listening to the harmonic melodies of the Skyrim soundtrack? Craving something a little zanier, a bit more silly or just a tad chaotic to fill your ears as you wander Tamriel?

Well, thanks to Skyrim’s frightfully powerful modding community, the tools are at your disposal to completely change the sound effects that occasionally interrupt the orchestral songs bubbling away in the background of your playthrough.

From animals to people and even plants, there are plenty of noisy organisms prowling Nirn and some new mods offer a number of great options if you want to change their tunes.

Skyrim Modders Transform Game’s Audio Into Memes

The first of these mods, which is by InsanePixels, brings together two of Skyrim’s most infamous auditory phenomena and is called “Heimskr Spiel Replacer - Nirnroot Edition”.

You might notice its effects upon your first visit to Whiterun after installing, where, upon approaching the equally meme-worthy cloud district, you won’t be regaled by a passionate and lore-filled speech from the priest Heimskr.

Instead, in a horrific twist, all that will emerge from the poor man’s mouth will be the deafening chimes of a nirnroot, by far the most annoying of Skyrim’s plants due to the horrible ringing noise they emit.

For those who despise the nirnroot sound more than the speech, a second mod, by akhenat, might be more to your liking and is called “Nirnroot Sound Replacers”.

This mod swaps out the nirnroot sound from all instances of the plant that exist in the game and offers you an array of pop culture-inspired alternatives to take its place, which range from the sound of someone going Super Saiyan, to yodelling and also, for some reason, the intro music from The X-Files TV show.

There’s also a mod by Kanjs, called “Snoring Nirnroot - AUUGHHH”, which makes the plants emit the weirdest sound imaginable and that you can check out in the video below:

Away from the nirnroot, if you’re after something to remind you of your childhood, you can pick up “tom and jerry goofy doofy ahh death sound effect”, a mod by arhamirfan which replaces death sound effects with Tom’s acclaimed Wilhelm scream.

Or, for something that certainly reminds me of my childhood, you can install “British Swearing Mudcrabs”, which is also by akhenat and turns the crabs into very rude English blokes.

Whatever you choose, definitely ready your ears before loading in and make sure to follow us for updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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