Sea of Thieves Season 2: When Does It End?

It's been three years since Sea of Thieves launched and even now, Rare's still giving their co-op adventure strong post-launch support. Season 2 kicked off nearly a month ago, building upon Season 1's progression system and offering a fresh Plunder Pass.

Between a refreshed range of Trials and Deeds to build your Renown, Emissary system improvements, Forts of Fortune, renewed Pirate Emporium stock and more, there's been plenty to keep fans busy. But as always, you might be wondering, when does Season 2 actually end?

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Sea of Thieves Season 2: When Does It End?

We don't have a specific confirmation just yet but based off the previous season pattern, we can take an educated guess. Originally, Rare stated Season 1 would last for "approximately three months", having started on January 28. Eventually, Season 2 began on April 15, 11 weeks later.

So, with that in mind, we believe Season 2 will likely end on July 1. Should Rare diverge from this pattern, we'll keep you updated once we have further details.

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