Sable: How to Use Fast Travel

While your main mode of transport will be a bike in Sable, you will sometimes want to save a bit of time. Luckily, Sable has Fast Travel, which is unlocked near the beginning of the game. Here's how to use it.

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Does Sable Have Fast Travel?

Yes! Sable does indeed have Fast Travel. You won't use it until you've reached Burnt Oak, as you won't have anywhere to travel yet, but after that you will be able to fast travel to places that you have visited. There are a couple of story-focused sections where

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How to Use Fast Travel

To use Fast Travel in Sable you just need to open your map. Hover the cursor over the destination that you would like to go to, and press A to confirm. you'll be able to revisit any location that you have visited previously, as long as it has a map marker. Some places will be too small to have a marker on the map, so you will need to travel to them on your bike. As long as the title card for the location your at has popped on screen, it is registered as having been visited, and can therefore be Fast Travelled to later on.

That's all you need to know about using the Fast Travel system in Sable. It will allow you to revisit areas of the map quickly, which is great given how large some of the regions are. You'll still need to use your bike for most of the game however, so head here to find out how to change its colour. Once you're done there why not take a look at the best way to earn money.

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