Sable: Where to Find the Bridge of the Betrayed

Near the beginning of Sable you will be tasked with meeting a guard at the Bridge of the Betrayed. You're told that it is South-West of Burnt Oak, in the Northern part of the Badlands. this gives you a large area to search, and given that there's a lot of sand dunes piled high, you may miss out on where the bridge is. Here's exactly where to find it.

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Sable: Where to Find the Bridge of the Betrayed

To find the Bridge of the Betrayed, you will need to head Southwest from Burnt Oak. This will take you to the Northern Badlands. You don't need to have found a Cartographer yet, as the bridge is easily the largest structure in this area. Even so, it can be hard to find amid the sand dunes.

A map of the Badlands region in Sable, showing the location of the Bridge of the Betrayed
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If you look at the map in the image above you will see the exact location of the bridge of the Betrayed, it's where the orange character marker is. You'll need to do a fair bit of climbing to reach the guard. Make sure you check out the Puzzle in this area before leaving too. The Guard is found at the top of the bridge, having set up camp there. She is a recurring character that can be found all over the world of Sable, so be sure to check in with her when you see her.

That's where to find the Bridge of the Betrayed in Sable. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on changing the colour of your bike. Elsewhere there's our look at the best ways to make money.

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