Rust Console Power Surge Update: Latest News, Release Date Rumours, and Everything We Know So Far

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Although Rust has been playable since 2013, the console edition is still only relatively young having launched on PS4 and Xbox in May 2021. Whilst there are a lot of similarities between the games, there's still a lot of content that hasn't been translated over yet. One of the more notable missing features is the in-game monuments, which act as high-level areas, akin to dungeons. Very tough to beat, packed with puzzles, and tricky enemies, but also stacked with loot. One of the more popular monuments in Rust over the years is the oil rigs, and both look set to be coming to the console edition very soon. With that in mind, here's everything you'll need to know about the Rust Console Oil Rig Update.

Rust Power Surge Update Explained

When Rust first launched on console back in May 2021 the dev team outlined how they were going to move the game forward with new updates. At the time, Double Eleven told fans that major updates "will release around 8 to 10 weeks apart".

They then went on to announce "the first major update" for Rust Console Edition, called Power Surge. It was said that this update would introduce new features like the electricity system and new in-game monuments like the Powerlines. "A lot more is expected to come with this update, once we approach the month of release we will be revealing more details on what’s going to be included."

However, this was back in May 2021 and at the time of writing (January 28, 2022) the update is still not here, or on the games testing branch.

Most of the update is likely based on the PC games electricity features, most of which can be seen in action on the below video from Rust YouTuber Jade Monkey. Give it a watch, we've no doubt you'll be better informed after viewing.

When Is Power Surge Coming To Rust Console?

That's the big question, because right now, the update feels majorly behind schedule, at least given that it was announced over 8 months ago. Now, of course, it's not as though the team behind Rust Console Edition hasn't been working on other things, but it seems as though the Power Surge update has been put on the back burner.

We'll of course update this section when more information becomes available, but for now we can't give any specific timeframes since the developers aren't even talking about it. Instead, we suggest having a read ot eh latest news (below) for the latest developments in 2022.

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Latest News -

28 January 2022 -

It definitely seems as though the Rust Power Surge Update has been delayed. On the most recent blog post from Double Eleven, it was revealed that the team will bring Large Oil Rig back to the testing branch during the month of February.

So is Power Surge coming after the Rust Console Oil Rig Update? Again, hard to say. The blog post writes:

After both Oil Rigs are released on the main branch, we will then add the next content update to staging. It’s still too early to confirm what that content update will bring but we always try to keep a balance between what players want and feasibility

But it does seem strange not to explicitly name Power Surge as that next content update.

Either way, we think it's likely to be March or April 2022 at the earliest for Power Surge to arrive on Rust Console Edition.

The Oil Rig Update looks to be coming before Power Surge
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The Oil Rig Update looks to be coming before Power Surge

19 January 2022 -

Big thanks to Jade Monkey for spotting this scoop in the Rust Discord Server, but either way, it seems as though the Power Surge update may have been delayed.

Jay (a developer from Double Eleven) on Discord was asked "What month could we expect the next content update", to which he replied: "We try to sign content updates with wipe day. So end of the month."

Jay was then asked, "will we get power surge for the next update in the test branch", to which Jay then replied: "Its most probably going to be large oil rig testing."

This might suggest then that Double Eleven are currently prioritizing the Oil Rig Update over Power Surge.

More to follow.

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