RuneScape's 20th Anniversary Event: Start Date, Quests, The Grand Party, Old School Runescape and Everything We Know

RuneScape is celebrating its 20th Anniversary today, and fans can expect plenty of content to roll out in the coming months.

The MMO originally launched in January of 2001, can you believe, and the team at Jagex is looking to let players celebrate in a variety of ways.

Here's all we know.

RuneScape's 20th Anniversary Event

Start Date

The event is live right now, with the Grand Party kicking things off, and attending can get players some new armour and a cape.

Players will find some of Runescape's most famous faces together, but the party is just the start.

What Comes Next

Once the party is over and players have slept off their digital hangovers, a new year-long quest will introduce them to the Elder Gods.

These deities once forged Gielinor, the world of RuneScape.

Expect more information to trickle out over the coming months to keep players invested all the way up to the game's 21st anniversary.

Old School RuneScape

If you're enjoying the classic version of RuneScape, or jumping back in for a nostalgia hit, you'll be pleased to know that it too is celebrating this monumental event.

Its first-anniversary event will send players on adventures with the Green Gnome Child, as players tackle all manner of beasts.

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