How Lane Switching Works in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Unlike the lanes that MOBA players are accustomed to, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story features a lane mechanic that synchronises rather well with the turn-based combat available in the game. The game presents a total of three different lanes, each of which grants bonus perks to the champion's lane abilities.

Having said that, the three types of lanes available during combats in Ruined King are:

  • Speed Lane
  • Balance Lane
  • Power Lane

Players can select any of these lanes while executing one of their Lane Abilities to gain bonus perks. Given that lane mechanics have a direct impact on the champion's Lane Abilities, players should note that the additional impact caused by the lane also affects healing abilities.

Let's dive in and check out the significance of each of these lanes in Ruined King.

Speed Lane

Like the name suggests, performing abilities in the Speed Lane allows champions to execute their abilities a lot quicker. However, abilities triggered in the speed lane also tend to have a much lesser impact than the other lanes.

The impact reducing effect of the Speed Lane is induced upon both damaging as well as healing abilities. However, considering the switness with which abilities are performed in this lane, players will find various scenarios where they need to attack quickly instead of powerfully.

Ruined King A League of Legends Story Lane Switching
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Balance Lane

Unlike the two other lanes available in the game, the Balance Lane provides players with the option to execute an ability within a reasonable amount of time while also dealing a moderate amount of damage to the enemy.

Considering the turn-based combat format available in Ruined King, the Balance Lane is the most commonly used one by most players. Having said that, performing all abilities in the Balance Lane in all scenarios can be extremely devastating in various situations.

Power Lane

You have probably figured this out by now, executing abilities in the Power Lane grants massively boosted impact at the cost of swiftness. This means that whenever a champion tries to perform an ability in the Power Lane, they will require quite a bit of time before executing it.

Nevertheless, despite being extremely slow to execute abilities, players should note that the Power Lane is extremely effective against enemies with high defense and low offense.

Lane Mechanics

Ruined King is a fairly simple game to comprehend even for players who have never played League of Legends. However, getting used to the lane mechanics and how they work against various enemies is something that players will require some experience before understanding.

Given that the game has been released recently, Riot Forge could even opt to alter or rebalance certain aspect of the lane mechanics currently available in Ruined King. We will make sure to keep you updated in case that happens.

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