Is Rogue Legacy 2 on Xbox Game Pass?

A long ten years after the original Rogue Legacy defined a genre and spawned numerous imitations, its sequel has finally launched across a bunch of platforms it wasn't originally available on. For all you Game Pass subscribers out there, that means wondering whether or not Rogue Legacy 2 is on Xbox Game Pass. After all, there's no point in buying a game you might already have access to?

After 18 months, Rogue Legacy 2 has finally exited a lengthy Early Access program. PC players have been enjoying the sequel's quirks for some time now, but for those waiting on 1.0 release - whether on PC or console - now's your time to see everything with a fresh pair of eyes. Read on to find out how much (if anything) it costs to hop on the hype train.

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Is Rogue Legacy 2 on Xbox Game Pass?

If you have an Xbox and want to play it on console (or maybe PC) you may be wondering if Rogue Legacy 2 is on Xbox Game Pass. If it is and you're a subscriber to the brilliant service, you'd be able to play Cellar Door's game at no extra cost.

Unfortunately, Rogue Legacy 2 is not available on Xbox Game Pass at launch and the developers have said nothing about it potentially coming at a later date. The first game is yet to come to the service, so we have no history to go off.

Rogue Legacy 2 Release Date and Platforms

Rogue Legacy 2 is out now, as of April 28, having spent over 18 months in early access on PC.

The full release isn't only on PC, though, with it also coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles as well.

Anyone hoping for a release on other platforms will have to wait, though, as the game isn't out for PlayStation platforms, mobile devices, or Nintendo Switch. We expect Rogue Legacy 2 to come to more platforms eventually, but the small Cellar Door team will have to work on them.

The first game eventually came to PlayStation platforms (including Vita), Switch, and iOS, and following the second game's excellent reception, we expect it to be ported too.

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However, there's always a chance that it does so at some point. Depending on how well the game does sales-wise, it may be added to the ever-growing roster of games at a later date. We'll be sure to let you know if it changes and we get any news.

Price Details

If you don't want to wait until Rogue Legacy 2 comes to PlayStation, Switch, or Xbox Game Pass, you can just buy the game now. From what we've played, we'd say it's worth it if you loved the first game as much as we did.

Normally, Rogue Legacy 2 would cost £20.99 on Xbox, but it's reduced to £16.79 at launch. It's not clear how long the special price will be active for, so be quick to snap up a good deal.

On PC, the game is normally £21.99, but it's been reduced to £17.59 until May 9. You have until then to take advantage of the deal, so jump on it if you're not waiting for other platforms.

Until the Rogue Legacy 2 Xbox Game Pass dream becomes a reality, consider playing something like Darkest Dungeon. That's on Game Pass (and Cloud Gaming). PC players can play it on the Epic Games Store, but it could be coming to Steam in the future as well.

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