Rogue Company Switchblade Operator - Weapons, Perks, Lore, Details, And More

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Rogue Company continues its new content rollout with the latest Operator, Switchblade. We go over everything you need to know about this unique character.

Switchblade Lore And Story

Rogue is a Rogue that falls under the Breacher class, with her design being focused around overwhelming enemies and flushing them out of cover.


After being on the run for her entire life and almost ending up dead in a ditch the Rogue Company hires Switchblade to break Ronin out of jail.

In return, the Director of the Rogue Company promised to help her find out who made her life a struggle since the day she was born.

Switchblade Weapons

Switchblade has access to a few different weapons to fill out her arsenal. In her primary slot she has the option for the MLX Mark 4 and the 24S, with her secondary being the Spitfire.

Her melee weapon is a baseball bat, with two possible gadgets to choose from: the bounce grenade and the flashbang.

The image shows Switchblade's customisation screen, listing the weapons and abilities she has.

Switchblade Abilities

Switchblade's Passive Ability is 'Fight And Flight'. Fight And Flight gives her increased movement speed after she uses her ability and gadgets.


The strongest part about Switchblade, however, is her Chaos Launcher Active Ability.

Activating this has Switchblade equip a rocket launcher that fires a Napalm Warhead. On impact, this warhead deals 75 damage and releases a cluster of napalm in the area, forcing enemies to move from cover while the ground remains on fire.

Switchblade Release Date

Switchblade is available this weekend on the PC's PTS, until June 20, 2021 at 12 AM ET.

However, she will then be available to everyone in the next big patch for Rogue Company in July.